1. Ridgerunner

    Top 10 Most Racist Words in English Language

    Just like Dave Letterman... The word 'racist' is quickly becoming one of the most used declarations... Imo it is being used as a conversational weapon... A trigger word if you will... :19: Ha ha, I'm losing this altercation so I will accuse you of being a racist... That will teach you...
  2. deanrd

    Job Rejection Letter States Woman's Name Is 'Too Ghetto'

    Job Rejection Letter States Woman's Name Is 'Too Ghetto' The company tried to lie their way out of it, but an investigation showed this letter and similar ones did indeed come from the company. Which side would Republicans take? Do we need to ask?

    Did you ever notice ?

    That if a black guy speaks up on the internet he gets Uncle-Tom'd ? Its leading to all sorts of black uproar in the streets. White people are even afraid to walk in their neighborhoods.
  4. anotherlife

    Ghetto for you a little?

    Blacks are mostly in ghettos. This government did that by inventing the interstate highways system and routing it through black neighborhoods specifically. Before that time the blacks had their own economy and even their own stock exchange. But is it only the blacks that the government can...
  5. AveryJarhman

    Sheriff David Clarke The Chicago PD Doesn't Need Fixing...

    PODCAST - Sheriff David Clarke - 'The Chicago PD Doesn't Need Fixing, The Chicago Ghetto Does' 4/23/16 With all due respect I'd like to suggest adding a few tags to this page. #MaternalResponsibility, #ParentalResponsibility, #ChildhoodTrauma, #ChildAbuse, #ChildNeglect...

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