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  1. Robert Urbanek

    A different two-state solution

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict might be resolved by the creation of two states: Israel, incorporating the Golan Heights and the West Bank, and a separate Palestinian Gaza. Palestinians within the West Bank would become full citizens of Israel. Minus Gaza, Jews would still be a majority in the...
  2. The Original Tree

    Some Details of The Trump Middle East Peace Plan Leaked

    Obviously with any reported leaks, this would have to be vetted and latter proven to be true, but here is an article posted today, that I searched for, after doing my usual YouTube browsing and came across a live feed stating this specific thing. I followed up on it, and it is reported in The...
  3. Weatherman2020

    Trump to Recognize Jerusalem As Capital of Israel Wednesday

    More proof of Trump's anti-Semitism. Trump to recognize Jerusalem the capital of Israel on Wednesday
  4. Eloy

    Israeli hawk vetoes Gaza seaport

    Broad support from Israeli politicians for the proposed construction of a seaport in Gaza was prevented by hard-right Avigdor Lieberman, the defense minister. The seaport, it was reported in THE TIMES on Monday, would have ended the 10-year blockade. "The port , to be built on an artificial...
  5. Eloy

    Collaborationist Fatah demands Israel cut electricity to Gaza

    The collaborationist Palestinian Authority (Fatah) led by Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank is refusing to pay for electricity to be supplied by Israel to Gaza in order to put more hardship on the Palestinians in the hope that Hamās will lose popular support in the blockaded impoverished Territory...
  6. L

    Lebanese Hollywood actor Clooney is Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal

    Jan 21, 2016 - Nespresso sues Israeli coffee company over Clooney lookalike - what this illuminati joke is about Nespresso sues Israeli coffee company over Clooney lookalike Reminder from Last Prophet's words from 2012: Clown clone Clooney for dummies: After reading this you'll know more than...
  7. A

    Hamas-Israel Deal: Who Benefits?

    Hamas-Israel Deal: Who Benefits? According to multiple news sources, including Haaretz andJPost, Hamas and Israel are currently in the process of solidifying a deal that would end the closure (also known as the blockade) in exchange for an eight-year cease-fire, return of prisoners and halt to...

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