1. S

    Arabs chant “From river to sea”.

    Arabs chant “From river to sea”; (i.e. eliminate all Jews). Palestinians will not accept a two-nation solution and they cannot reconcile with the fact that the nation of Israel will continue to exist; Israel now (with good reason) fears permitting Palestinians to even enter and daily working...
  2. georgephillip

    2/3 of Israeli Jews Support Starving Palestinians in Gaza

    "This is a shocking data point. "The Israeli Democracy Institute released a survey this week showing that over 2/3 of Jewish Israelis—68% that is—opposed 'the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza residents at this time....'" "The numbers are worse when it comes to right-wing Jewish Israelis...
  3. FDR_Reagan

    UN prevevrs food from Gazans to make Israel look bad

    Corrupted UN management want more Gazans to due. Just like its linked Hamas thugs use civilians. __ Israel says UN failing to distribute aid in Gaza, needs to ‘scale up operations’. COGAT posts photo of what is says is ‘content of 500 trucks’ of humanitarian aid inside Strip that have not...
  4. FDR_Reagan

    Stop the genocide of high prices nutella

    The real genocide ? Gazan calls the high prices "real slaughter "
  5. Sayaras

    Remnants Gaza DECORATION (from b4 IDF anti terror Op.)

    "Just proving their innocence." __ Jan 28, 2024. IDF spokesman in Arabic Avihai Adrei publishes documents from Gaza: swastikas are sprayed in various places in the Gaza Strip.
  6. FDR_Reagan

    The good guys daring operation rescues 2 hostages from terrible pAlEsTiNiAn jihadi fascists

    Despite pressure on Israel not to go into Rafah intensified. Not only AOC and Bernie Sanders, but Biden warned Israel not go in because of the “humanitarian impact”. Israel went in and brought out two hostages. Terrorists downed in seconds: new details from IDF's daring hostage rescue mission...
  7. Sayaras

    We all know why genocidal Arab "palestinians" fire near their kindergartens

    We all know why "palestinians" fire near their kindergartens to maximize casualties on THEIR side, but the use of mosques is for what? To cry "Islamophobia" when "infidels" return fire? Rocket launchers found near kindergarten and mosque. Rocket launchers near a kindergarten and an...
  8. Sayaras

    Typical: Nazi-Arab "Palestinian" Hitler fan "journalist" utters N word on the victims

    This is classic demonic Israelophobia: BBC "palestinian" Hitlerist uttering the N word on her very victims of Nazism - past/present. Exactly like that infamous outcast racist troll. Who all know... (she also repeated that false flag bloodlibel). _ BBC's Gaza journalist Tala Halawa...
  9. Sayaras

    "palestinian" terrorists kill al Jihadzeera journalists

    What other tricks will Gaza health ministry regime do to blame IDF for? ### Al Jazeera journalists were killed in car with drone-operating terror operative. By Emanuel Fabian and Agencies. Hamza Wael Dahdouh, son of Al Jazeera’s Gaza correspondent Wael Al-Dahdouh, and Mustafa Thuria died in a...
  10. FDR_Reagan

    Cool IDF Rescues unarmed palestinians from school used by genocidist Hamas jihad-fascists "health ministry"

    So much for the vilified heroes. ÷÷÷ IDF Rescues Palestinian Civilians from School Used by Hamas for Attacks. Joel B. Pollak. 30 Dec 2023. The Israel Defense Forces...
  11. Sayaras

    "Palestine" savages sexually abused hostages - Allah Akbar

    Any wonder others are just killed or the "Gaza Health Ministry" denies "knowing" their location... Israeli Hostages Endured Violent Sexual Assault in Gaza, Doctors Confirm. By Hakey Strack December 22, 2023 Doctors responsible for treating the released Israeli hostages have confirmed that...
  12. FDR_Reagan

    Oct 7: imams 'Palestine' & raping corpses (laughes, Alkah Akbar)

    Does anyone know the names of Arab Islamist pAleStInE imams giving the permission raping corpses of girls??? In the video, the person.. says that gunmen were given instructions to kill everyone they saw, including beheading victims and cutting off their legs. He also says they were given...
  13. Sayaras

    Palestinian RPG training site inside mosque

    Allah Akbar. At least they (the innocent) can instigate the Muslim world that the Z just attack mosque "without" any reason.. Hamas RPG training site found inside mosque. Weapons found inside UNRWA bags found in mosque in Jabalya, Gaza. Hamas RPG training site found inside mosque Dec 11, 2023
  14. FDR_Reagan

    Hamas stealing food from Gazans, beat them

    Ya think CNN will show this? _ IDF releases video of Hamas stealing aid from Gazans Aerial footage from Gaza's Shijaiyah neighborhood shows Hamas terrorists unloading humanitarian aid and striking civilians before leaving with loot | published: Yesterday | 11:57...
  15. Sayaras

    How UN prevents aid to Gaza

    No limits to this hypocritical UN. What a phony UNRWA. ___ Gharlie D'agata: The UN has said repearedly there is no safe zone in Gaza. Your answer to them? IDF's Elad Goren: 'There is.' D'Agata: The Israeli military insists that they've assured safe passage of aid, but trucks are lined up...
  16. FDR_Reagan

    Racist Refaat Alameer: Hitler peacemaker like Rabin; can't tell my child who created the J-s; most J-s are evil; baby in oven Oct 7 - baking powder?

    I have seen some "eulogies" yontjis terrible facsist. Let'ss recap: 2006/7 His daughter is about 5. He can't answer his daughter's question, he claims, 'who created the Jews.' [*] Nov 16, 2012: Refaat Alareer: "most Jews are [Alareer wrote] evil." [*] [*] Sep 25, 2020: Hitler was...
  17. Sayaras

    Watch the coward losers "Palestinian" butchers move like pests ..

    Watch the coward losers "Palestinian" butchers move like pests ... This was captured by a Hamas "Gaza Health ministry" terrorist - eliminated by the good guys
  18. FDR_Reagan

    Egypt Flooded Hamas Terror Tunnels (8 years ago)

    How times changed... Interesting how their brethren Arabs dealt with Palestinian terror tunnels. Egypt Floods Hamas Terror Tunnels. Cairo makes good on threats to convert smuggling tunnels into fish farms in latest in crackdown on terror. Sep 20, 2015...
  19. Sayaras

    Genocidal palestinian leadership: this is why palestinian-Arabs die

    Look at the sheer size of these monster rockets. But more importantly: the locations from where the genocidal Palestinian gaza "health ministry" fires upon Israeli civilians to cause their own civilian deaths. Clinic. School...
  20. Sayaras

    Palestinian-Arabs child killers (on their own too)

    Palestinian-Arabs child killers (on their own too) No matter how high their toll numbers are. Not that Hamas is reliable on info including on whobus a civilian.... but every other day another human shield methods is being revealed by the anti-terror defenders good guys. In other words. The Gaza...
  21. Sayaras

    Hamas refused to release remaining female hostages - doesn’t want them speaking publicly what they've endured

    With that in mind, just think what might have happened to the Bibas family. Aviva Klompas @AvivaKlompas: According to an Israeli official, Hamas didn’t want to release the remaining female hostages because it doesn’t want them speaking publicly about what they have endured. Imagine what that...
  22. Pastelli

    Hitlerist UNRWA tries to censor exposure of cruelty holding hostage (by its teacher)

    Hitlerist UNRWA tries to censor exposure of cruelty holding hostage The following is probably unprecedented even for Hitlerist UNRWA as UNRWA [authoritarian] demand removing report from journalist upon testimony: UNRWA teacher held hostage in attic, locked up, malnourished, and not given...
  23. Sayaras

    Hamas 'monsters' threatened any child who cried w/ rifles, forced them to watch videos of Oct. 7 - "freedom fighters"

    Where is the outrage? Even biased UN should show SOME humanity Freed hostage's aunt: 'Hamas forced 12-year-old to watch films of the horrors.' Aunt of 12-year-old Eitan Yahalom says Hamas 'monsters' threatened any child who cried with rifles, forced them to watch videos of Oct. 7...
  24. Pastelli

    Jailed "palestinian" racist-terrorist refused to leave Israel

    What media reported on this? Or is it not PC? Not to mention BBC & MSNBC who report on "palestininian" terrorists as simply '"women and children" without their racist crimes context. But there is also the bloody-Palestinian Authority Pay for slay effect Avishsai Grinzaig @avishaigrinzaig...
  25. Sayaras

    Gaza "wonderful" aid org. ICRC refused to take medication for 84-year-old

    Can someone explain why so far the Red Cross Red CRESCENT did not visit innocent Israeli hostages for 52 days? Only now, there is a promise: Daughter of freed hostage...
  26. FDR_Reagan

    ANIMALISTIC CULT (Islamist) Arab 'Palestinians'

    ANIMALISTIC CULT Arab 'Palestinians' It's out in the open, en masse, in public! Regarding the latest: 2 men executed in West Bank for allegedly spying for Israel, as mob cheers Men’s bodies hung on an electricity pole and later dumped in the trash as crowds call ‘traitors’ and ‘Allahu...
  27. Sayaras

    TAQIYYA: little girl freed from Palestinian Jihadi savages exposed lie of Hamas

    Little girl Hila Rotem Shoshani, the who was released last night from Hamas captivity without her mother and wife, revealed to her family members the lie of the terrorist organization Hamas. On 11/25 a drama unfolded that almost led to the cancellation of the second round of the release of 13...
  28. Sayaras

    Racist-Mohammed-Hadid's daughter Gigi deletes anti-Semitic pallywood lie about "children" jailed in Israel

    Palestinian Arab's daughter Gigi Hadid deletes 'anti-Semitic' post whe posted to her millions of followers falsely accusing Israel of abducting, [sic] torturing, [sic] raping [sic] children. Her example was Ahmed Almansara. But a video of Ahmed and his cousin running through a Jewish settlement...
  29. FDR_Reagan

    Beasty Palestinian Arab Gaza regime's Pallywood - as if "helping" their very abductee victims

    The beasty Palestinian Arab Gaza regime is trying to humanize themselves by pallywood-y lie as if "helping" their very victims abductees. What a low trick.
  30. Sayaras

    Out of 230+: 13 innocent Israelis releaed from radical 'Palestinian' regime savages

    The freed 13 Israelis - the complete list Doron Katz Asher, 34 years old. Aviv Katz Asher, two years old. Raz Katz Asher is 4 years old. Daniel Aloni, 44 years old. Amelia Aloni, 5 years old. Karen Munder, 54 years old. Ohad Zachary-Munder, 9 years old. Ruthie Munder, 78 years old...

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