1. greatgardener

    Brace idea for a strudy garden fence post

    Hello, This is my system for holding a fence post without pooring concrete. Steps --- > My fence post bracing system Comments?
  2. greatgardener

    Fence Post Bracing Idea - For a strudy garden fence posts

    Hello, This is my fence bracing system for my wooden garden fence. No need to poor concrete... Steps --- > How to brace a garden fence post Comments?
  3. greatgardener

    Build a Garden Stream - Idea for pond filter

    Hello friends, To filter my pond water, I built a meandering design garden stream. 200 feet ! Steps ----> My garden stream
  4. greatgardener

    Front Yard Without Grass - My Project

    Hello, I turned my front yard into a garden without grass. I got many pictures during the process. Steps ---> My new front yard garden List of materials:

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