1. Litwin

    Kazakhstan: The Forgotten commie made Famine. maybe the worst of all crimes against humility in 20c

    maybe the worst of all crimes against humility in 20c. the Marxist - Muscovites did it of cos... Kazakhstan: The Forgotten Famine. "They" were looking for "kulaks," he said, the term given to anyone who appeared to be better off financially than other people. In the case of Oyil, that meant...
  2. The Original Tree

    Locust Plague in Africa is Growing, with no end in sight.

    Starting to look a little crazy over there, and a lot of this region has terrorists patrolling it so it's dangerous to do much about it. It's possible some locusts could invade Italy, and if that is true, they could spread in to Europe. Africa locust invasion spreading, may become ‘most...
  3. Litwin

    Joseph Koba ( Stalin) : Created Worst Man-made Famine (Ukraine ) in History

    Finally, discovery has started something interesting and important

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