1. The Original Tree

    How Wicked Can The Governments Of Men Be? The Easter Story and Natural Law!

    What can the Cost of Free Speech, & Freedom of Religion Be? Consider The Following: John The Baptist, arguably the last Old Testament Prophet, for preaching against sin, and unrighteousness, and for advocating a personal relationship with God outside of Organized Religion, and for prophesying...
  2. HaShev

    What really is Easter?

    Easter can't be about the death and resurrection of a Christ named Jesus because we now know with 100% certainty that the death scene is plagiarized from the Bel (Baal) Tablets. Sitting in the Brittish museum is a 900bc Assyrian tablet proving the Jesus myth is borrowed from the death scene and...
  3. Y

    Easter Triduum begins today -- Thursday 4/13/2017

    Today begins the Easter Triduum. During this blessed time, we remember the Last Supper, our Lord's Passion, and His glorious Resurrection. Please join in praying a Triduum Prayer during these faith-filled days, and rejoice with us in Holy Mass on Easter Sunday. Triduum Prayer Lord Jesus...
  4. HaShev

    Easter Exposed the Mystery of the Father-Mystery Babylon Exposed

    FACT: nowhere does the founding church and it's texts reveal who this FATHER is. Never is there a name. Sure we know Yeshu's father was the Roman soldier Pantheras, but Jesus is not merely the accounts of this one figure from a different era, he's made up of a convergence of many along with...

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