drug war

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    CDZ Should religions be banned instead of drugs?

    Why we should ban religions instead of drugs : unpopularopinion CMV: Religions Are More Dangerous than Drugs and Should be Dealt With Consistently : changemyview The idea is that religions are more dangerous for societies than drugs. People under influence of religions commit terrorism far...
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    Why very few states try legalize soft drugs

    Why very few countries/states try taxing and legalizing safe soft drugs? This question Why are many safe narcotics illegal? ask why many safe narcotics are illegal. The answer is that because people believe that it's unsafe. It's not tradition bla bla bla. Imagine if I have a business. Imagine...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Cartel violence has arrived in Mexico City and all across Mexico

    Mexico City sees drug-war-style violence come to the capital Mexico City sees drug-war-style violence come to the capital MEXICO CITY (AP) — Burnt-out vehicles. Road blockades. A raging gun battle between armored marines and gang members that left eight dead. Such scenes have been common in...
  4. MindWars

    Americans for safe access legally challenge DEA misinformation about pot

    http://hightimes.com/news/americans-for-safe-access-legally-challenge-dea-misinformation-about-pot/ If teenagers can sue the federal government over its insufficient action on climate change, why can’t a non-profit petition the U.S. Justice Department to require the DEA to stop issuing false...

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