cyber security

  1. Valorie Broderick

    How concerned are you about cyber security in the upcoming elections?

    Is anyone here worried about Russia hacking the elections again? Or do you feel comfortably secure? I'm just interested to know what people think. I've tried to make a poll as well as a discussion in case one way is preferable to you over another.
  2. deanrd

    White House cybersecurity coordinator position eliminated

    White House cybersecurity coordinator position eliminated You wanna bet Putin gave Trump orders to get rid of him? What do you think of that? The White House without a cyber security expert in charge of cyber security?
  3. anotherlife


    Check this out. Blockchain: Beyond bitcoin The blockchain is a distributed database, that exists in fragments over the Internet, and the fragments keep updating and syncing with each other. It provides a secure yet public information of all chains of all transactions it ever recorded. I...

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