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conservative values

  1. RodISHI

    When did forcing the people to buy and pay for ethanol become....

    When did forcing the people to pay for corn based ethanol and all the subsidies that go along with it become a conservative value? Or is that just another faction of chemical and gmo pushers riding the shirt tails of conservatives to get one more of their devices over onto the people. I do not...
  2. P@triot


    I want to personally thank the Dumbocrat Party and all of the radicals who have hijacked it. It is so nice to see decent America’s waking up and walking away. Three-hundred and seventy-thousand people is nothing to sneeze at, and I expect we will see this continue to grow. Rally in Washington...
  3. P@triot

    Conservatives are mobilizing

    Now that we are seeing the right employ the same type of organizing tactics of the hatriots across the aisle - the only advantage the hatriots had going for them is neutralized: FreedomWorks plans to mobilize its network of grassroots organizations and unite with the Tea Party Patriots on March...
  4. SYTFE

    Serious Question For the Conservatives Here Who Voted For Donald

    Something I never saw much of over the past year was discussion about Trump's blatant admissions of affairs with married women. I find this interesting, and it makes me wonder -- is adultery a conservative value? For those who don't know what I'm talking about, here's Trump admitting to...

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