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  1. JGalt

    Sanders: Toddlers Should Run Around Naked and Touch Each Other's Genitals

    This has been in the public sphere forever, and nobody's even brought it up? "On CNN this morning, Alisyn Camerota proved in real-time a Bloomberg aide's allegation that the media has failed to properly vet Bernie Sanders. On New Day, senior Bloomberg adviser Tim O'Brien said that Sanders had...
  2. JGalt

    So does anyone have their Halloween costume picked out yet?

    I got mine at Goodwill this morning. I'm going as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Nice likeness, oy?
  3. RodISHI

    You either fight evil or succumb to it

    These child traffickers generally have nothing good in mind when they steal children and take ownership of them regardless of who or where they are in the world. Evil ones are raising them up to be used to serve their evil intentions. Once they have these children they believe they own them...
  4. Street Juice

    Thanks, Antifa thugs, you bloody fools.

    The ubiquitous Hammer and Sickle at these Antifa tantrums portends much. It is incredible, really, that there are still people out there defending / advocating for communism. Despite the obscene body counts, despite the indescribable human suffering, despite the oceans of forgotten injustices...
  5. H

    Liberate Hong Kong from Communist China's occupation: Letter to President Trump

    We need President Trump to save us. Only President Trump can save us. Hong Kong is dying. Hong Kong is suffering from Communist occupation. The Chinese communists want to grab Hong Kong people and move us back to China and throw us into prisons and torture us. Please bring this message to...
  6. RodISHI

    Are you aware of the bogus bible targeting youths?

    If not you should be and warn your people if you are a pastor about this attempt to overcome your rights that are being threaten by globalist pushing their communist agenda. Freedom and liberty that we were born with as citizens of the U.S.A. can only be taken if you willingly give it away...
  7. Litwin

    Moscow To Unveil Post-Soviet Lenin, Stalin Memorials

    bronze busts of Koba (the worst in the history mass-killer) , Lenin whats coming next for Muscovy , reopening of GULAG, Kurapaty? " MOSCOW -- Russia's capital is set to unveil a series of bronze busts of Soviet leaders, including rare post-Soviet Russian memorials to Vladimir Lenin and...
  8. American_Jihad

    Getting Radicalism Out Of The Classroom

    We have to beat back this progressive/liberal poison and turn this trend around NOW... RECLAIMING OUR SCHOOLS: A CODE OF ETHICS FOR K-12 EDUCATORS Getting radicalism out of the classroom. June 15, 2017 David Horowitz and Mark Tapson Reprinted from the Daily Caller. It is no secret that...

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