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common core

  1. P@triot

    Bill Gates admits Common Core was a spectacular failure

    Just like everything the left does. The left destroyed our U.S. Constitution. The left destroyed our economy. And they destroyed education in America. Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was A Failure
  2. American_Jihad

    Parents: Here’s an easy way to stop Common Core in your school

    Just so you parents know how to tell them to shove it, and now the libtarts will show up 3...2...1... Parents: Here’s an easy way to stop Common Core in your school Mike Opelka ... “One of the things I understand of this test that I find most disturbing, is the kids are required to take...
  3. MindWars

    Historical untold truth of Western Education & the purposely done scientific destruction of young..

    Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt - The Historical Untold Truth Of Western Education and the purposely done Scientific Destruction of young children's minds. Charlotte Iserbyt is the consummate whistleblower! Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement...
  4. MindWars

    Carbon tax, climate, trade, education policy concerns arise with Trump's likely secretary of state

    Carbon Tax, Climate, Trade, Education Policy Concerns Arise with Trump’s Likely Secretary of State Selection Tillerson He will also be paired with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton as his deputy secretary of state, one of the sources added President-elect Donald Trump may have demonstrated...
  5. P@triot

    Gates Foundation admits Common Core was a mistake

    It's equal parts tragic and hilarious to watch history prove conservatives right over and over and over. Republican's warned against Social Security in the 1930's - history has proven them right. Republican's warned against Medicare & Medicaid in the 1960's - history has proven them right...
  6. woz75

    Texas Elementary Schools to Begin Honoring LGBT History Month

    Texas Elementary Schools to Begin Honoring LGBT History Month Imagine a backazzwards state like Texas submitting to sex education...No doubt they will ditch the program and go back to leading the nation in unwanted teenage pregnancies

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