1. ActionJackson

    Favorite 3 Sitcoms Of All Time

    There's not going to be nearly enough space in this poll to list all the possible choices so I'm just adding many of the sitcoms that I've enjoyed over the years plus a few that I didn't really care for but know are popular with others. The last choice in the poll is "other" in case you have a...
  2. deanrd

    Must be awful having your messiah exposed as the Pied Piper of crud

    Must be awful having your messiah exposed as the Pied Piper of crud All those terrible things Republicans said about Obama for eight years. Calling him a liar and a criminal, a tar baby, boy and all the other things much less polite. And they insisted that he was the Democrat’s Messiah...
  3. O

    Let us laugh a little

    I create this thread, not for debate, but for some good old fashioned comedy. So, here goes: Post the dumbest, craziest, most laughable arguments for/against any topic you like. Heck, it could even be a topic that is crazy, dumb, or otherwise laughable. Please explain why it is laughable, where...
  4. Ryan Adams

    New Irish podcast based on movies and comicbooks

    Just came across this new podcast hosted by 2 Irish guys and thought someone here might like it too. Its called "HEROES FOR HIRE" Its very nerdy but i love their accents and they are very quick thinking, i always laugh out loud multiple times during episodes. They release 3 types of shows a...
  5. AveryJarhman

    "White Families vs. Black Families" ~Aries Spears

    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions Hello. In this comedy clip Aries Spears describes the potentially life scarring psychological and physical trauma far too many American children and teens experience during a critical period of human/childhood...
  6. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Who are your favorite stand up comedians?

    Off the top of my head, I really like: Bill Burr Russell Peters Joey Diaz Tom Segura Bert Kreischer Richard Pryor Chris Porter Jim Gaffigan Mitch Hedberg Joe Rogan Dave Chappelle Chris Rock Jimmy O. Yang Bobby Lee Aziz Ansari Bernie Mac Jerry Seinfeld Jordan Peele Keegan-Michael Key Ari...
  7. Y

    Seth Meyers on late nite comedy ...

    ... IS getting a windfall from Trump ineptitude !!! But tonight he took A Closer Look at Sean Spicer. His spoof question in his mock press conference asked Spicer, "Do you have a soul left?" Reply by Spicer, "No." :D
  8. T

    let's make fun of this election

    watch and laugh, at me or the video.
  9. American_Jihad

    The Death of Liberal Comedy

    I thought is was DOA... The Death of Liberal Comedy Laugh or you’re racist. May 4, 2016 Daniel Greenfield Larry Wilmore didn’t bomb at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He wasn’t trying to be funny. Comedians bomb when their jokes aren’t funny. But Larry Wilmore, Stephen Colbert...
  10. Never3ndr

    Perhaps the Best Thing about Trump's Campaign

    He (and his supporters) make for some great comedy. #JohnOliver
  11. S

    The Hillary Trump Riddle!?

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