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  1. OKTexas

    Unanswered Questions

    Two major questions that I have for the DOJ IG. 1. What was the justification given for the FBI and DOJ conducting the email investigation of the bitch is such an atypical manner. Can he proved examples of other investigations of similar size, depth and importance, that didn't utilize subpoenas...
  2. OKTexas

    It Seems Trump Was Fully Justified In Firing Comey

    Think about it, Comey had Manafort on his radar for more than three years and couldn't close the case. It took Mueller less than 6 months to get indictments. Comey's obvious incompetence brings into question every case Comey oversaw as director of the FBI. He has continuously displayed poor...
  3. Dan Stubbs

    Multi Court Doc are being Filed About Clinton Emails, Does not Look Good

    Obama promised in 2012 that things will go better in US - Russian relations after the elections. Ant they really did. Putin started the war in Ukraine and got his army in Syria in 2014. Obama administration imposed some useless and light economic sanctions that have 0 impact on Putin’s cronies...
  4. MindWars

    Bush admin just got involved in FBI's probe into Clinton's emails and it's a game Changer

    When you imagine partisan government overreach, it’s hard not to think about the Bush administration, especially when it comes to ignoring the law to accomplish their goals (think “enhanced interrogation”). When they tell the FBI they’ve gone too far, well, the FBI had better listen. Bush Admin...

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