1. B

    Biden sides with anti-Christian bigots who set St Johns church on fire.

    Biden(from the debate) "there was a peaceful protest in front of the White House. What did he do? He came out of his bunker, had the military to use tear gas on em so he could walk across to a church and hold up a bible." Disgusting CHRISTOPHOBIC BIGOTRY...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Catholic Church- Protecting Itself at the Expense of Sex Abuse Victims

    This is absolutely horrendous ! Truly sickening !The Catholic Church has surely lost its way. This is far worse than allowing the culture that leads to sexual abuse in the church to exist and thrive. Now they are trying to a modicum of justice is denied to the victims to protect themselves...
  3. deanrd

    Do teachers have the right to force students to remove their Ash Wednesday forehead "Ash"?

    Many people wear their ash to where they work. It's their business only. You would think Laura's forehead would burst into flame considering her lies and false witness and her racism. Utah student 'feels bad' for teacher who made him take off Ash Wednesday cross Utah student 'feels bad'...
  4. JGalt

    Methodists vote no to same-sex marriage and gay pastors

    My wife does the secretarial work for a Methodist church here, so I've been hearing alot about the goings on within the Methodist church leading up to this vote. They took a vote today and voted for the traditional plan which adheres to the Book of Discipline, which upholds the bans on same-sex...
  5. deanrd

    Church puts baby Jesus in cage as part of immigration-themed nativity scene

    Boston-area church puts baby Jesus in cage as part of immigration-themed nativity scene Last year, a display included in the nativity scene had 16 signs, each one inscribed with a different mass shooting that took place in America and listing how many people were killed at each. Look at...
  6. JGalt

    Anyone else carry concealed to church?

    If you do, why? If you don't, why not? I carry in church because I carry everywhere else. Being in a church doesn't mean there's any less chance of being caught in an active-shooter situation.
  7. L

    Hitler/China Destroys Another Synagogue/Church, Sparking Fears of Campaign Against Jews/Christians

    Introduction - added Jan 2018 Hitler/China Destroys Another Synagogue/Church, Sparking Fears of Campaign Against Jews/Christians Imagine these headlines in the "free world" in 1936, just before the Berlin Olympics: Hitler Torches Another Synagogue, Sparking Fears of Campaign Against Jews. They...
  8. Compost

    The Church of Facebook

    Facebook has a new mission! ..."a lot of of people who now need to find a sense of purpose and support somewhere else." said said, promoting Facebook's large community-support groups as a substitute. In fact, bringing people closer together is so important that "we're going to change...
  9. MindWars

    Maryland church ordered to evict homeless or pay $12,000 Fine

    Maryland church ordered to evict homeless or pay $12,000 fine When Rev. Katie Grover arrived on a recent morning at Patapsco United Methodist Church, one of two congregations she pastors in the Baltimore area, she was surprised to find a $12,000 citation attached to the door. According to the...
  10. MindWars

    The Muslim prayer at Rome’s Coliseum was a declaration of war

    Israel National News reports: “Something dramatic happened last Friday in Rome and slowly, slowly we are starting to decipher it. A vast, silent mass of hundreds of Muslim faithful gathered to pray in front of Rome’s Coliseum. The Muslim prayer at Rome's Coliseum was a declaration of war - JVIM...
  11. Compost

    Keep Talking Chelsea

    Always consult a six year old for your theology. “I find it quite insulting sometimes when people say to my mom, my dad or me . . . that they question our faith,’ said Chelsea. “I was raised in a Methodist church and I left the Baptist church before my dad did, because I didn’t know why they...
  12. Compost

    EPA Gives Money to Church

    The Environmental Protection Agency has given $30,000 to a Unitarian church that preaches about “white privilege” and says that America is “structurally racist.” The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boca Raton, Florida, received an “environmental justice grant” for education and training...

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