1. R

    The End of Democracy In The USA

    I suspect both the democrats and the media of cheating to elect Joe Biden. Trump should keep fighting. If there's a chance that cheating is involved, Trump should fight it all the way. He should fight because of the principle. Put yourself in Trump's shoes. If you were President and you...
  2. NewsVine_Mariyam

    A dark day for Trump. The darkest day for the presidency since Watergate.

    ANALYSIS: Two of the president's former associates were in court Tuesday. Both guilty of multiple felonies. What happened to draining the swamp? by Jonathan Allen / Aug.21.2018 / 6:11 PM ET CHARLESTON, W.Va. — There hasn't been a darker moment for a president — or for the presidency — since...
  3. Alex.

    Tom Brady’s Suspension Reinstated

    "The four-game suspension to Tom Brady has been reinstated by the three-judge panel of the Second Circuit. Brady was initially issued a four-game suspension by the NFL for his alleged role in a ball-deflation scheme prior to the AFC Championship Game in January 2014. He appealed the suspension...

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