1. HaShev

    Zone1 Was Solomon a Shalemite/Michaeline in Faith?

    What I define as Shalemite-Michaeline is the Michaeline Chaldeans of Ur crossing the river to the new land in the Abrahamic era thus now called Hebrews, discovering the Righteous path from the high priest Malakh Tsadek(Melchizedek) of Shalem & that influence of Shalem (as opposed to the...
  2. HaShev

    Papal Visit to the Chaldean Church on Michaelemas just a coincidence?

    Chaldeans worshiped Michael as their God then when influenced by Christianity(forced upon them by the sword) that changed, nowdays they believe Jesus was Michael. The 2 churches reconciliation at this time & at the passing of the Papal sell out Shimon Peres, is interesting. Interesting because...

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