1. Gracie

    Keep going or stop when hooligans attack your car

    We see news all the time of groups, some REALLY large, attacking drivers as they are traveling down the road. So the question is....what do you do?
  2. Frankenvoter

    The most ignorant looking "car" I've ever seen

    I'm sure there's other contenders though I prefer the old gas guzzlers
  3. deanrd

    How many thousands more auto jobs moving to Mexico and China?

    general motors closing ohio plant GM's plants in Baltimore and Warren, Michigan, are also scheduled to close this year, and the company's last plant in Detroit will close in January 2020. A plant in Canada is also expected to close. In total, the company will reduce its salaried workforce by 15...
  4. J

    East Hills

    Where Can I Find A Video Of This Advertisement From,Perhaps,The 1990's For East Hills,A Place That Probably Sold Cars On Long Island? In The Advertisement That I Am Referring To,We Hear Some Singing & There Are Some Girls/Women Dressed Up Showgirl Style In Tuxetards Appearing In It. If You're...
  5. Cellblock2429

    Ford's better idea: Ditch most US car models.

    Top news Ford promises more savings[/a]: Ford Motor Co. (F) said Wednesday it will shed most of its North American car lineup as part of a broad plan to save money and make the company more competitive in a fast-changing marketplace. The changes include getting rid of all cars in the region...
  6. L

    Volkswagen people's car from hero to zero back to hero psy-op: agendas

    Introductory note, added Feb 2018 Volkswagen people's car from hero to zero back to hero psy-op: agendas Sep 2015 - Volkswagen from hero to zero psy-op was exposed worldwide only by Last Prophet Matt. The main agenda of "Volkswagen heading to TOTAL catastrophe": an ILLUMINATI JOKE passing TRUTH...
  7. D

    Automated cars?

    Driverless cars on public highways? Go for it, Trump administration says If it happens. thoughts?
  8. O

    CDZ Four major cities ban diesel

    Four major cities move to ban diesel vehicles by 2025 - BBC News Four of world's biggest cities to ban diesel cars from their centres Mayors of 4 capital cities to ban all diesel vehicles by 2025 So, reportedly, the mayors of Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens say they will implement plans to...
  9. O

    CDZ Should passenger vehicle inspections be required?

    As some of us already know, all commercial vehicles have to do pre-trip, post-trip, and daily vehicle inspections. Considering the following information I would agrue that periodic inspections should be required of drivers of passenger vehicles. I am not advocating for any particular period for...

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