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  1. The Original Tree

    Massive Wealth Transfer from The COVID Enterprise: You will own nothing and be happy!

    For me to have an actual conversation with any of you on this topic, means that you have to be aware of a few facts. (Not Emotionalism or Bleeding Heart Do Gooderism Statements), but FACTS. Because of the COVID scam Joe Biden has printed 40% of all the money that has ever existed in The United...
  2. WarmPotato

    Creepy Bill Gates ~ Why Do People Hate Him?

    Bill Gates is associated with Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Gates has attempted to control the education system via common core. Bill Gates demands digital vaccine certificates to enforce vaccine usage. Bill Gates is soft on China. Bill Gates is a hypocrite on climate change, buying a beachfront estate...
  3. B

    oh look a sars-cov2 "vaccine" glitch

    But don't worry too much, pro "vaxxers," they'll take out the formaldehyde and that one particularly pesky strain of nano tech and have you up and running in a flash. So hold out those arms (or whatever part they tell you to hold out lol) and feel the sting. I won't be joining you, btw ;)...
  4. B

    Creepy Bill Gates Invests $250 Million into Media

    Gates is a joke. People are laughing at him. So what does he do? He buys more media. Buying influence is how he came to be regarded as a health "expert." What a charade...
  5. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Bill Gates gives Nigeria a much needed reality check

    Bill Gates tells Nigerian leaders to 'face facts' so they can make pr… Bill Gates traveled to Nigeria to publicly give its leaders some tough talk. It was a highly unusual move but the tech billionaire believes the country is facing a critical moment. "While it may be easier to be polite, it's...
  6. P@triot

    Bill Gates admits Common Core was a spectacular failure

    Just like everything the left does. The left destroyed our U.S. Constitution. The left destroyed our economy. And they destroyed education in America. Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was A Failure
  7. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Bill Gates: Europe Must Stem The Flow Of Immigrants Before It’s Too Late

    Bill Gates: Europe Must Stem The Flow Of Immigrants Before It’s Too Late – MILO NEWS As if the migrant crisis wasn’t bad enough in Europe, now Bill Gates is joining the chorus of sane-minded individuals who are seeing the potential issues with unmitigated migration from African and Middle...
  8. P@triot

    Bill Gates: Bioterrorism could kill more than nuclear war

    Yet another reason it is critical to secure the borders. While smuggling in nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, firearms, etc. are somewhat challenging - anyone can ingest a biological agent and walk right into our country. Bill Gates: Bioterrorism could kill more than nuclear war — but no one...
  9. P@triot

    Gates Foundation admits Common Core was a mistake

    It's equal parts tragic and hilarious to watch history prove conservatives right over and over and over. Republican's warned against Social Security in the 1930's - history has proven them right. Republican's warned against Medicare & Medicaid in the 1960's - history has proven them right...

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