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background checks

  1. protectionist

    Should Young Minorities Be Allowed To Buy Guns ?

    As much as I am against gun control, I do believe criminals (those with records) shouldn't be free to buy guns. Their records should be public information, and available to gun sellers. This wasn't the case with Nicolas Cruz, the Parkland Massacre killer, whose criminal activity was covered...
  2. deanrd

    Can anyone explain why Trump is walking back his support of background checks? Anyone?

    Can anyone explain why Trump is walking back his support of background checks? I have my own theories.
  3. NewsVine_Mariyam

    The Kavanaugh conundrum: Trump's FBI grandstanding highlights flaw in the bureau's background check

    The thing about background checks, even FBI background checks is that they don't detect hidden or in some cases not so hidden character flaws. There are a lot of people with no criminal history to speak of who are basically sociopaths, the two serial rapists and in one case murderers captured...
  4. OldLady

    Background Checks ARE The Best Way

    This editorial was in the paper this morning by one of our police chiefs. Our state will be voting on universal background checks in November. Probably we're not the only one. Universal background checks do help! At least it's better than nothing. "Background checks are the best way to...

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