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    Zone1 Male self image

    You have some women complain about their gender being portrayed contrary to their standard in art,fiction as the cause of secondary effects against them. Well as a male I have seen subjective views of my gender contrary to my personal reality in film and art and fiction that I did not care to...
  2. Street Juice

    Behold Their Lofty Angst: Artists In The Trump Era

    Today's artists are the weakest, wokest, lightweights in memory. The art world is a PC desert. Behold Their Lofty Angst: Artists in the Trump Era—Part One - Taki's Magazine Lo, lefty artists across the land are speaking truth to power. How noble of them to rail against the aims of...
  3. Auld Phart

    This is mindblowing

  4. Alex.


    I made enough for almost everyone....:party:
  5. Peony

    Art is Pigs Too

    There are the many many paintings hanging on the wall of the long tunnel that runs between the US Capital building and the House offices. One of them has gotten quite a bit of attention lately. Indeed, the painting has been taken off the wall and hung back on the wall at least three times...
  6. Peony

    Baby, It’s Cold Consent

    The 1944 song Baby, It’s Cold Outside has been updated for the current century. You know, the 21 century where morality and sensibility have evolved. The Stay Out of My Bedroom but Celebrate My Sexual Choices century. The Love is Love century. The How Dare You Judge? century. The Don’t...
  7. Alex.


  8. Compost

    The Enlightenment of Nudity

    laid bare. Classy leftists have decided to protest Trump at the RNC by having 100 women pose nude in public. The protest, falsely deemed an "art project," was put on by photographer Spencer Tunick, who has supposedly been doing similar nude art projects since 1994. Under the title...
  9. Bob Blaylock

    My Wife Posing in Lingerie — Beyond Purple

    The theme for a weekly challenge on another forum was “Purple”. I decided to go “Beyond Purple”, and photograph my wife in lingerie, under an ultraviolet light, which caused the lingerie to fluoresce brightly.

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