1. G

    Anyone knows Arab Saudi's Cops Email

    A fugitive from Indonesia seek refugee in Arab Saudi. Recently, that trouble maker is caught by Arab authority for displaying ISIS flag on his house. Well, he denied the act. So someone would like to give evidences to Saudi's cops about this guys' speech. Hope it helps their investigation...
  2. altair

    Saudi women vs Kuwaiti women who is the prettiest?

    The Saudi women are mostly famous celebrities and fashionistas from social media accounts like Instagram most of them are living outside of Saudi Arabia while the Kuwaiti women are more liberal and westernized ..., and some of them are regular Kuwaiti women or famous fashionistas and...

    Trump Writes Arab History, MSM eats sands of time.

    The most important event in cooperation, security and diplomacy had in Saudi History. It was a fantastic day for Saud, if you were able to catch a livestream of the summit which had just ended as of this post...
  4. Maggdy

    Award: Arabic doctor named the best in Hungary

    "Yemen-born Dr. Abdulrahman Abdulrab Mohamed has been voted as the doctor of the year in Hungary. He is a pediatrician and a specialsit neonatologist at the Department of Pediatrics of the Pándy Kálmán Hospital in Gyula, SE Hungary. Diplomacy&Trade online | March 20, 2016 Nominated by the...
  5. Maggdy

    East-world and Government of Hungary relations (current events)

    Only a few continuity, Five-fold increase recorded in Turkish-Hungarian bilateral trade volume July, 2014 ".… Turkey is Hungary’s fifth largest non-EU trade partner and bilateral trade turnover increased five-times since 2003. Last year, trade turnover growth was as much as 26 percent."...
  6. American_Jihad

    Why do we pin all our probems on the west?

    Tell it like it is lady... Saudi Singer on Egyptian TV Criticizes Radical Islam Shams Bandar asks a bold question. February 15, 2016 Larry Elder ... Bandar: "I have been accused of that for a long time now. It's nothing new. Foreign citizenship. ... It's not that I'm happy with the way...

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