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  1. J

    Tina Forte opens a can of Bronx ass hurt on Nancy Pelosi

    Keep the kids out of the room for this one! Tina in 2020 And now, here is Tina Forte running for the 14 Congressional District in NY
  2. deanrd

    Whatever happened to “America first”?

    There’s reports that Donald Trump will be running a second time, not because he wants to be president, but it’s a way to avoid going to prison. For some reason, this is the new order of first in America: Trump family Billionaires Millionaires White Republicans, which is about all...
  3. deanrd

    The Trump Doctrine: We're America B!tch----------------------America First means America alone.

    "We’re America, Bitch:" White House Official Defines Trump Doctrine - The Atlantic 'We're America, bitch': A senior White House official sums up the Trump Doctrine ----------- We don't need trade. We don't need allies. We can go it alone. Will that keep America safe? Is that the right...
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    President Trump opens office dedicated to give support to victims of crimes committed by illegals

    US victims of crimes by undocumented migrants to get extra support Washington (AFP) - US victims of crimes committed by undocumented migrants will receive dedicated support services, the Trump administration said Wednesday as it spotlights their suffering to press a sweeping immigration...

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