1. Sayaras

    Africans in solidarity w/ courageous Zionist State

    Courage in ME come in all shapes.. Exclusive: South Sudanese March In Tel Aviv In Solidarity with Israel. Geller Report, December 19, 2023:
  2. Sayaras

    Arabism is racism / Islamism is bigotry

    Arabism = racism The Arab supremacy against non Arabs. Islamism - AKA Political Islam or radical Islam = intolerance of the other. __ The Next Screwing: Two causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict. -The first is Arab racism, rejects any presence that isn't Arab in its neighborhood; -the...
  3. Anonymous1977

    Islam's racism against Blacks

    Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Racism - WikiIslam This link shows Islam's long history of racism against Sub-Saharan Africans...their scholar Martin Lings even wrote hateful things about Blacks in his book, "Muhammad." ... -
  4. Anonymous1977

    So why would African women be studying how to twerk, instead of engineering...?

    Video of African women studying how to twerk: ...

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