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    Trump bump for banks

    Haters may hate. But Trump administration is clearly benefiting the financial services companies. Bank of America is perhaps the biggest beneficiary of Trump government. The stock's been on a roll since election. Up around 50%. The latest earnings and expected fed rate hikes will totally keep...
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    Trumpcare has Arrived

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    The Downside of Cruises

    Which cruise company?
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    BREAKING ! Trump signs executive order on healthcare

    It would only allow premiums to skyrocket. Nothing else.
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    US upping defenses against North Korea

    The US Missile Defense Agency is now developing Technology To Intercept And Destroy a Missile Threat, even before the missile is allowed to reach its top speed. The technology is being developed along with Lockheed Martin. With the North Korean threat looming over us, this clearly is an...
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    Apple Services is now a giant

    Apple Services segment is now bigger than Amazon Web Service and Netflix combined. AAPL - Announcement
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    Guess what is America's favorite beverage

    A stockmarket platform recently compiled data from three beverage giants (Pepsico, Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper) to find out which one is more popular among Americans. Come on, make a guess! Survey result
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    All you need to know about 3M earnings

    Sharing a graphic covering all aspects of manufacturing giant 3M's Q2 2017 earnings - MMM - Infographic
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    AIDS vaccine

    An AIDS vaccine could be a reality soon. Johnson&Johnson received positive results from clinical trial of investigational drug! JNJ - Announcement

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