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  • He very well could have a claim, if a judge agrees to hear the case McCain will lose. I would bet that McCain's legal team is banking on my argument. If you go back and read the thread, I stated that my position would be settle and settle fast, because if it this case gets to discovery then it could bankrupt the campaign. ;) You aren't completely off base, just ahead of the horse. Great debate though.
    Thats okay Luissa and Thank You, meant every word, You keep working towards that degree, While we may not agree on who is best for president, I can see a smart young woman when I see one. Heck, I got an Obama supporting daughter you know, and you think I don't hear it from her? *lol*
    Thank for the rep again Luissa and glad you enjoyed reading that.

    That is only one portion of that certain letter I wrote.
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