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  • What does the tin foil meme have to do with an American gun grabbing hypothetical?
    I would REALLY like an answer. k? TIA
    Must be nice to have a double standard depending on race. You'd be going crazy about how evil whites are if this was three whites killing a black. This is just a fact.
    People as stupid as you are would have died a long time ago if not for the child resistant lids on the Drano.
    It isn't the same, Lulu. My heart isn't in all.

    I come by to say hi from time to time...and to briefly spank a moron, obviously...but that's pretty much all I have for USMB.
    We've had out moments...and, dayum, they were something...but honesty, I DO like you.

    Now, dammit, keep that under your hat. :eusa_shhh:

    I hope things are going great with you and your beautiful boy.
    I can only apologize and feel like a putz, definitely the wrong and stupid thing to do... I am very sorry..:redface:
    Not even the courtesy of a reply eh? Well, you’re the first Moderator here that has been that inconsiderate. ~shrug~
    it is ture that and not hidden from any blind regarding Israel and America engage in terrorism. That, of course, is simply false because you are real son of bitch and produce un-authorise way as American produce Israel, why UNO silence over Israel due to United States afraid or his salve?
    Great post about the toys... Couldn't comment in the reps because this iPhone won't let me leave comments. Oh and thanks for photobucket ap idea!
    Have a good night luissa.
    If you want, we could exchange emails and get to know each other a little better, its up to you. I'm as free as a bird.
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