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  • Thanks for your help (so far) in kickstartin' that "memorial day songs" thread, bro. I say "so far" because I'm sure that aside from the obvious ones which in some way serve as "official" battle hymns of American wars and separate military branches and whatnot, there are probably about 100 or more that we're mentally missing right now.

    Someone out there knows 'em, though. We can be sure of that.

    Human by birth. American by the grace of God.
    Thanks. I just like having things to keep me busy. Heck, if this little bucket "AC" can cool the air around me to 45 degrees then it's worth a try. I may even modify the idea to my own liking. I'm thinking about buying a metal "Igloo" container and instead of using 3 each, 1-1/2" PVC tubes I will use 1 each, 3" tube. That would save drilling time and the Igloo would keep the ice frozen for a longer period of time. Who knows. I'll use myself as a guinea pig.
    Thanks eagle. We're (Americans) are in deep doo-doo. I feel so very sorry for parents of young children and for their children who have a world of red tape and over-regulation to wade through as they age. We're literally in dark times.
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