Zimmerman-martin case from an asians view

Discussion in 'Media' started by Richierich, Mar 30, 2012.

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    I'm not black, or white, or hispanic. This case bugs me, because yes, an innocent kid was killed, but also because racists from both sides (yes black racists and white racists) are making this more than it really was. This is a case of a well- intentioned guy with poor judgment, trying to be a hero, doing something stupid which resulted in someone innocent being killed.

    There are so many crimes where innocent people are killed by people who were out to break the law. These cases flash endlessly on the news, and quickly evaporate from media attention because they are so commonplace... However these crimes leave the majority of law abiding citizens with the opinion that people who look a certain way have a pretty high likelihood of being dangerous. It just so happens that the majority of criminals we all see on tv are africa-americans.

    If I were african american, and an educated, law abiding citizen, I would be equally furious that a segment of people who look like me do crimes (albeit because of poverty) that reflect badly on me and my race. I would also be able to see that an accident such as the Zimmerman-Martin caee could hapoen because people fear people of my appearance because of the criminals or "gangstas" that seem to be glamorized and not disdained.

    If a significant segment of the Asian population were robbing and burglarizing wearing ballerina tutus, and I decided to walk through a predominantly non asian neighborhood wearing a tutu, there is a possibility that someone might think I was up to no good. I might even get shot accidentally. What would be the biggest factor in me having gotten shot? The fact that my appearance was associated with dangerous, illegal actions. Hell, during world war ii, american japanese appeared threatening enough to be rounded up in camps. If the native Japanese weren't trying to take over their half of the world, this wouldn't have happened.

    Perhaps if black gangs were gone, and these kids actually stopped trying to be so "bad ass" and became known for hard work and improving the country, then the PERCEPTION of a young black male walking through a neighborhood being " up to no good" would be gone. You'd see him as just another guy going home to eat the skittles in his pocket.
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    very well put. i've been saying that for years. Blacks love the thug stuff and being scarey, why? I mean speaking well, getting educated is a threat for alot of them, especially the political powerstructure and the ones that try are labled "white"
    One white liberals bend over backwards tying to please them, with welfare, government programs, and other goodies, even though white liberals dont want to deal with them, in this instance they do look at it like the white man's burden.
    but when it harms them they call people racist for thinking they are thugs, criminals and believing movies like Boyz in the Hood.
    But you are right, it's up to black folks to clean up that image, but with Sharpton and Jackson around they'll settle for the victum role and continue giving those hucksters millions, while they remain poor. It's horrible, but exactally how socialism works.

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