You the Juror-State of Florida vs Dexter Morgan

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    Just a set up....

    There is an All Points search for Some Guy who is accused of murdering many children but has vanished before he could be arrested.

    And the Coast Guard catches one Dexter Morgan dropping packages from his boat out in the gulf stream, and retrieves one of the packages, which is a part of Some Guy.

    You are one of the jurors. One of our legal eagles might correct me, but Some Guy's activities are introduced into evidence, and it is pretty clear that Some Guy is guilty.

    But they also find several pieces of some guy, plus Dexter's power tools, and other stuff. Dexter was pretty careful, but no one is careful enough.

    Questions for the jury-- Did Dexter Morgan kill Some guy

    Was the killing pre meditated

    was the killing part of another offense, ie Kidnapping of Some Guy

    What do you decide?

    Does Dexter get 1st degree, capital murder, manslaughter, 2nd degree, or off?

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