"You Chose Dishonor, Therefore You Will Have War!"

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    [A Churchillian Daniel Greenfield, discussing why the people, when offered the opportunity to open their own apple pie shops and lucratively earn their own way in American society, chose instead to urinate on the proferred apple pies and the pie shops and demand the free burritos and cheesy tacos. Ahh yes, the wonderful economic behavior of the citizens of the "Obama Nation Plantation" whose only necessary ID is their EBT Card and whose rallying cry is "Where's our free stuff" as so aptly noted by the Patriot Post's Mark Alexander.
    Some of you may not know Churchill, Winston. He was the son of a British Lord and his American wife. He became the youngest man to ever become Lord of the British Admiralty and was widely expected to, in short order, become the youngest British Prime Minister ever, until he conceived of an ambitious plan to land British and allied troops at a Turkish spot called Gallipoli in the Dardanelles, drive through the enemy Turks and link up with Britain's Russian Allies in Moscow, surrounding Germany. The brilliantly conceived idea, the first ever amphibious landing, was poorly planned, coordinated and executed. The Turks fought harder than expected, the landing and ensuing military disaster cost the lives of some roughly 200,000 Brits and Anzacs in a spectacular defeat. Churchill was forced to resign his position at the Admiralty, becoming a pariah instead of Prime Minister. He was forced to wander in the political wilderness in the years afterwards until the rise of Adolph Hitler took place. Churchill recognized the danger implicit with Hitler and began loudly warning of it. The Brits, especially Neville Chamberlain, desperately trying to avoid war at all costs, thought the best way was to play footsie with the despot instead of confronting him, which simply made WWII that much more inevitable.]

    "On the corner of the street a giant rat squats over the sidewalk, its shadow blocking the cold winter sun, while at its feet, hired men, some with heavy accents, hand out leaflets and chant, "Who are we, What do we want" in the familiar hymn of the hired union protester, not a member of a union or an employee or a shop, but just a man hired by unions to intimidate some store or company into going along.

    There's another giant rat creeping its way up the Potomac through the evening fog. Its snout is the size of a skyscraper and its shadow is the night. And there are hordes of smaller rats inside that rat and smaller rats inside it that come spilling out. Call it the Trojan Rat or the Great Rat of the Potomac. Or just call it Washington D.C

    In the year of the rat, the election came down to a whole bunch of men and women loudly chanting, "Who do we are, What do we want." The Democrats had clear answers to both questions. They wanted the rat. They wanted to be rats. They wanted to be the last rats on the sinking ship of state.

    That was the hysterical frenzy of the Democratic National Convention in a nutshell. It was the pied piper calling forth all the rats by name and teaching them to march around when the pan pipes played. And the pipes played, the rats went to the polls, they voted, once, twice, three times and then waited around for their cheese.

    As Churchill said of Chamberlain, "You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." The Republican Party thought it had a choice between defeat and dishonor, it chose dishonor and got defeat anyway. Now we are offered even greater dishonors to avoid greater defeats. And when the GOP has appeared every single element of the electorate except its own base, then surely it will be allowed to win."

    Sultan Knish: Giant Rats and Tiny Men
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