You can look it up: 17 yr old girl strikes out Ruth and Gehrig

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    The New York Yankees and the Chattanooga Lookouts were scheduled to play an exhibition game in Chattanooga, Tennessee on April 1, 1931. Due to rain the game was postponed until the 2nd. Seventeen-year-old Jackie Mitchell, brought in to pitch in the first inning after the starting pitcher had given up a double and a single, faced Babe Ruth. After taking a ball, Ruth swung and missed at the next two pitches. Mitchell's fourth pitch to Ruth was a called third strike. Ruth slammed down his bat and yelled at the umpire before returning to the Yankees bench. The crowd roared for her. Everybody was stunned. Babe Ruth was quoted in a Chattanooga newspaper as having said: "I don't know what's going to happen if they begin to let women in baseball. Of course, they will never make good. Why? Because they are too delicate. It would kill them to play ball every day
    Next up was Lou Gehrig, who swung through the first three pitches to strike out. A seventeen-year-old girl had struck out two of the greatest hitters in baseball history using seven pitches and five swing-throughs.

    A few days after Mitchell struck out Ruth and Gehrig, baseball commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis voided her contract and declared women unfit to play baseball as the game was "too strenuous
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    I have heard about this. Jennie or Jannie Finch has stroke out a few big time major league hitters also, one I believe won the homerun derby that year.

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