Yaki saki (Dirty joke)

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    Shortly after WW II, a Japanese General and an American General became best friends and would visit each other every year to play golf and see how the other was doing.

    Well, the American General had stopped in Hong Kong before his yearly trip for some play. He had sex with a Hong Kong prostitute who kept yelling "YAKI SAKI, YAKI SAKI!" Well, he figured he pleasured her to the best of his abilities and thought nothing of it.

    When he was finally in Osaka, playing golf with the Japanese General, the Japanese General got a hole in one. The American General applauded him and began to think "What did that hooker in Hong Kong say?" At that he exclaimed "Oh yeah! Yaki saki!" To that, the Japanese General pulled him aside and said "What do you mean it's in the wrong hole?"

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