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    anyone played this yet? I just got a week ago and have played through it twice. My thoughts:

    1) I like how they didn't change the interface at all except for the color, and some menu switching in the start menu. It makes it real easy to jump right in.

    2) What can I say. It doesn't make me weep for the future of Stat Wars, but its not on par with KOTOR I's story. That bi cool looking dude in the skull mask on the cover? He's in one cutscene, refered throughout simply as one who hungers and feeds off life, and a very anti-climactic gang-bang fight near the end. It also lacks world-spanning quests.

    3) Your Remember in KOTOR I where the crew of the Ebon Hawk was like a funny little family of sorts by the end? Yeah, that's changed. Now they dislike each other. Actually some feel raw, seething, hatred towards each other. To the point where some plot the deaths of the others. Think they're gonna sort out their problems at the end? No, they don't.

    4) Prestige Classes. Holy shit. At level 15 you can advance from regular ol' Jedi to Jedi Weaponmaster (fighter), Jedi Watchman (balanced), Jedi Master (Force Caster) or their dark-side equivilants Sith Marauder, Sith Assassin, and Sith Lord, respectively. The only sone I have done so far is the Sith Lord. It is rediculously cool to play a Sith Lord in a Star Wars game and hunt down Jedi Council Members. At the high levels, the Sith Lord is unstoppable. With force storm, you can kill DOZENS AND DONZENS of people, in 5 SECONDS. And Force Crush, a power you get later in the game, my God. It takes down bosses in less than a minute.

    5) It's cool to go back to places in KOTOR I (Dantooine and Korriban) and marvel at how much they have gone to hell.

    6) Returning Characters. T3-M4, HK-47, and Canderous return as playable. The first companion you meet in the game asks questions about recent events ("Was Revan Light or Dark? Was Revan a man or woman?") and these decide how Revan is referred to throughout the game. So if you answer Revan was evil, Carth does not return, since at the end of KOTOR I he ran into the jungle like a little pussy. But if you said Revan was good than he is an Admiral in certain cutscenes. If you answer Revan was evil, there is a hologram of Bastila in the ruined Sith Academy saying how no Sith other than Revan can control the Star Forge and that she is going to find him (he ran off into the unknown to regions to hunt some mysterious evil).

    7) The bosses are pretty cool, I just wish they would've expanded on them. There is Darth Sion, Lord of Pain, whose body has been broken so much that the Dark Side is all that holds him together, without it he would crumble apart. There is Darth Nihilus (the skull dude), Lord of Hunger, whose power can consume worlds, and who kills all life near him. And Darth Traya, Lord of Betrayal.

    8) The end. It sucks worse than Halo 2's. And that is saying something. I'd spoil it for you, but there is nothing to spoil. Just play through it and you will see what I mean.

    Overall I give KOTOR II an 8 out of 10.

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