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    Sen. Coons Democrat of Del wrongly believe giving “Special Visas” (Dream Act, Amnesty, Path to Citizenship all failed but Sen. Coons believe if you call it something else it will matter) to children of illegal aliens who were brought here as children, grew up her and this is the only country they know they should allowed to stay if they are in college and voluntary for the military. Some old song with a different tune. Amount to amnesty and don’t fix what they call a broken immigration system. New word he added is “Family Re-unification” which means amnesty and massive chain migration and exacerbate more illegal immigration and more children brought here and more anchor babies born here. Dashes to hell any hope of ever stopping illegal immigration and securing the border.

    Just because 20 million people were able to enter the country illegally and manage to remain for 25 years without deportation do not mean our immigration system is broken. The system works when our immigration laws are enforced and the border is secure. But for some moronic reason we have not had leaders, since Truman, Hoover and Eisenhower, that has had any cojones to do either. Enforce our immigration law or secure the border.

    Children of Illegal Aliens should not be deported because they have been here a long time, only country they have know is the same as children who were born and grew up in Mexico, knowing the language and culture of not fault of their own should not be allowed to come here, not knowing the language or culture, separating themselves from family.

    How many 25 year old Illegal Aliens born in Mexico, the only country they have ever know and come here not knowing the language or culture, leaving family behind? How about 20 million? Re-unite with “Family Re-unification" by deportation.

    There is a revolving door between Mexico and the United States. They can leave the same way they came and compassion and humane works both ways also.

    In this economy that show very little signs of recovery, we cannot afford “Special Visas” “Path to Citizenship” Amnesty” “Family Re-unification“ “Chain Migration” because our employment system, education system, healthcare system, social services system is chronically bankrupt.

    If we cannot afford deportation how the hell can we afford anything resembling amnesty?
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