World Economic Interventions Now Addressing Prosperity Afflicted--FDR Intended!

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    So coming out of the Obama-Biden version of the real battle of Bull Run--The October Stock Surge--alas more Mohamar, we knew him not(?)! To si, or not to si: That is mainly a "Don't Fence Me In" kind of question(?)!

    Pre-Market Report - Oct. 21, 2011 - CNNMoney

    Great Truman, Hero Of The Revolution, went forward with the bail-out of post-war Europe. Now in the time of Great Bernanke, Hero of Change The World Can Believe In(?): Then Europe is poised again to intevene, on its own.

    What Hath Franklin Delano Roosevelt Wrought?

    In the United States, we have the prosperity afflicted, from the $14.0 tril. federal deficit spending, and from the Great Socialist, Marxist celebrated, Credit Market exceeding $52.0 tril. Those are just USD.

    The Greek Anarchists and Communists riot, with the Communists a part of the government. The RNC went to Las Vegas, to makes its top tier candidates look like vaudeville. That apparently excites the Tea Party Base, of the Good Ship Lollipop--and they believe in.

    And camped in the street are the Occupation Afflicted, not daring to move and do something productive: Lest the garbage get collected. Demonstrating on behalf of laissez-faire East Africa, or Haiti--they are not doing. Taking what they hast, and selling it all, and sending to the poor worldiwide--is not what they intend.

    Great Socialist China is no longer the great ad for CARE packages, but is now an economic world leader too.

    Great FDR has extended the Great Legacy of Central Government intervention into the 21st century worldwide!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many squaws afflicted--come to Lands of Many Nations--and find welcome mats extended! Many of Great Sicily, learned that too! Even in Venice, CA, they know this: Where Art Meets Crime!)

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