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Discussion in 'Race Relations/Racism' started by William Joyce, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Oh, I can think of one:

    The pirates are all BLACK.

    White nations are petrified of offending blacks/Africans, so they do nothing. Probably explains why INDIA had to do some of the dirty work. Not even sure Saudi Arabia has a navy, but anyway.

    It stuns me that a few black thugs with machine guns can pull all this off while the firepower and might of half the world's navies do nothing. Only political correctness explains it, to me. Seems if the Russian, American, Chinese, heck, the Argentine navy wanted to blow these fuckers to bits, they could do it before the sunrise tomorrow. But they won't. Gotta HELP Africa, you know... We are the world and whatnot.

    And anyway, where's Obama-god, anyway? Couldn't he intervene? I tend to doubt Old Rocks' thought that he'll take care of this problem any more than Bush. Bush won't do anything because he's a politically correct Republican idiot. Obama won't do anything because a politically correct "black power" Democrat. Nice deal, eh?
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