Why Wage Increases Are A Good Thing!

Discussion in 'Congress' started by Life_Long_Dem!, Oct 23, 2008.

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    Just something I thought I would put out there, There are a lot of conservatives that believe minimum wage hikes are bad....here is why I say they are good.

    Simple economic logic, cost of living goes up and so does inflation. The current minimum wage here in Ohio is 7 dollars an hour, it is set for another increase on Jan. 1 2009, minimum wage nationwide is set to go to 7.25 in July 2009.

    fuel cost, average price of food and the cost of renting an apartment or buying a house increases over time, if we were not to increase wages for say 5 years and peoples incomes stay the same or decrease and someone making say 7.25 an hour wants to buy a house they logically couldnt do it cause it wouldnt be feasable in their budget, it makes sense that wages NEED to increase with the times.

    YES there will always be short term downfalls to wage increases, like some small businesses wont be able to afford higher wages and will have to close and the cost of things will continue to go up...but such things as inflation and cost of living never stop rising so for us to be able to compete and continue to afford the nessesities we need the wages to go up as well.

    Just my two cents if anyone would like to add to this.

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