Why Not Just Make High School Diplomas A Giveaway?

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    High schools offer grade boosts to students

    who improve test scores

    High schools are offering a new deal at 39 Los Angeles campuses: Students who raise their scores on the state's standardized tests will be rewarded with higher grades in their classes.

    If it works, schools also will benefit because low scores can lead to teachers and administrators being fired and schools being closed. A proposed teacher evaluation system relies specifically on these tests for part of an instructor's rating. Even the new superintendent's salary, and his tenure, are tied to scores on the California Standards Tests, which are administered this month.

    Yet for students, these tests don't affect grade-point averages, graduation requirements or college applications.

    Test scores frequently decline sharply after elementary school in the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the grade-boost strategy, officials hope, could at least address student apathy toward the tests.

    "We're always looking for a way to motivate kids to do better in school," said Jefferson High Principal Michael Taft. "I'd see them bubbling in carelessly and say, 'Are you reading that question?' They would say, 'No I'm tired.' They had multiple excuses."

    He estimated that 50% weren't trying hard.

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    Education: 39 L.A. high schools are offering higher grades to students who raise test scores - latimes.com


    They don't have to try hard. If all of them are equally stupid, you lower the standards for getting a high school diploma and it's worth becomes that of used toilet paper. It's like steroid doping for athletes. Whatever it takes to win.

    But you save the jobs of thousands of teachers around America. Those teachers who got their jobs because standards were lowered.


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