Why liberals are fundamentally wrong

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    Before you start commenting in this thread I suggest you read up on Kelo, and think about why Democrats/liberals/progressives support that decision.

    There is one issue that is so fundamental that every liberal should line up behind it, yet most of them get it wrong, property rights. The single thing that should define liberty in this country is the right of a man to his own property, yet most liberals prefer to come down solidly on the wrong side and support big government and big business over the individual.

    Kelo has been used to take property from the poor and the working class and give it to rich, politically powerful, developers so they can get richer. Yet the world is so bizarre that when Virginia decided to curb that power it was billed as a victory for conservatives and the Tea Party.

    Hinkle: Liberals won a major victory this week | Richmond Times-Dispatch

    What is wrong with liberalism today that it supports corporations and big government over the little guy?

    I know all the liberals hate Justice Thomas, and that could be because he said the one thing that is inexcusable in his dissent.

    Guess what, he was right. When the government can take property from a poor black man in order to make a rich white man richer there is something fundamentally wrong.
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