Why do people hate politicians - Party and Elections over the People

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    Look no further than healthcare to see the reason people hate politicians. They take stances and vote against bills based on party lines only,

    During Nixon's presidency he actually introduced Universal Healthcare. This is the liberals wet dream something they have been fighting for since the 50s. Yet when a Republican introduces it they go down party lines and oppose it.

    Fast forward to Obamacare. I truly believe if this was introduced word for word by Bush or another GOP President, then you would have the Democrats opposing it and the Republicans supporting it. Believe it or not its a private insurance based program.

    You would think that is something GOPers would support, but instead you have phrases it cost too much (so does our current system), it's a government takeover (government takeover by expanding the use of private insurance :confused:), it mandates people buy things (I understand that, but a bill like this wouldn't work without it), it forces small business to buy insurance (at first this was my biggest opposition, because I saw it cripping start ups and small small business, but the mandate is at 50 employees or greater; a small business that employes more than 50 employees and doesn't have health insurance isn't go to attract to many workers) and it will raise healthcare costs (it sure did this).

    All we hear candidates like Romney and Santorum say is we will get rid of Obamacare. Great, what are we replacing it with? Status quo is unacceptable. If you are going to use your term just to get rid of Obamacare and not replace, then you are wasting our time!

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