Where is the end of the line?

Discussion in 'Immigration/Illegal Immigration' started by LilOlLady, May 24, 2010.

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    How do you tell your children to play by the rules and go to the end of the line when you do not know where the end of the line is?

    Why was it so hard for Michele Obama to tell the child that if her mother is in the country illegally without documents she is subject to deportation?

    Obama want to give those here a path to citizenship if they pass a background check and have not committed a felon by paying a fine, pay back taxes, (Yeah, right.) go to the end of the line. Where is the end of the immigration line for entry to this country and to citizenship? If is not down the street, at your nearest immigration office.

    Please answer these questions when you are advocating Immigration Reform.

    Those who are felons will not come out of the shadows. How do you intend on finding them and deporting them? How will you know they are who they say they are? Jose and Juan may be the same person and Jose may be a felon but Juan comes forward and is not a felon?

    Many of those hard working illegal aliens who just want to work and take care of their families are committing criminal acts and have not been caught. Thousands of them,.

    Why should we reward those who broke our immigration laws by entering this country illegally and punish those who obey our immigration laws by waiting in line to enter legally? They have may have been waiting for years.

    How to you tell your children that those at the end of the line never get to the front because people keep cutting in front for them?

    All this makes about as much sense as a bucket of S***. Those who are advocating Immigration Reform do not know how to put it in to operation. Which means it will be blind amnesty. Immigration Reform is just a word.

    It's no wonder we have such screwed up kids. Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and now Immigration Refrom. What do they have to believe in.

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