WHAT HYPOCRISY!!! Blaming the MEDIA when HI

Discussion in 'Politics' started by healthmyths, Apr 18, 2012.

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    and other CHEERLEADERS for the terrorists said these encouraging words that helped recruit TERRORISTS who when reading/hearing this words could NOT be MORE happy and encouraged to kill more troops/babies/children.. because AFTER ALL these American politicians SAID SO!!!

    Senator Obama(D) .."troops are air-raiding villages and killing civilians,"
    Durbin (D) "must have been done by Nazis, Soviets --action of Americans
    in the treatment of their prisoners.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid(D) "War is lost",
    U.S. Rep. Murtha(D) "Our troops killed innocent civilians in cold blood,”
    Senator Kerry(D) "American soldiers going into the homes of Iraqis in the
    dead of night, terrorizing kids and children."

    So now HIS TERRORISTs are complaining about the LA TIMES running pictures????

    Carney is suggesting, it would seem, that the photos might put at risk U.S. soldiers fighting the war in Afghanistan. And that, since the photos were taken two years ago, there would not seem to be pressing need for the Los Angeles Times to publish the photos while the soldiers are in that war theater.
    W.H. 'Disappointed' L.A. Times Published Photos 'Two Years After the Incident' | The Weekly Standard

    DID OBAMA et.al. NOT think their words put our troops at RISK????
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    Your rant reads like the garbage that vampi writes but -

    There are two sides to this: One is that of course, the LA Times had every right to publish the photos and they did so for only one reason - to sell papers. Two is that they knew it would put Americans hat a much higher risk because of the retaliation we've seen in the past.

    I don't read minds so cannot say what Carney "suggested" but yes, publishing the photos probably does put our troops at risk.

    You rw's need to put our soldiers first. Yeah, I know, its all about getting at the president but those soldiers are the children and parents of other Americans. To me, THAT is what counts and, from what has been said about this, that's what counts to the president as well.

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