What AA doesn't want you to know.

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    They don't tell you this in meetings, but....

    The 12 Steps have been found to be a religious organization by just about every court that's heard the matter.

    The disease concept is actually disputed in the medical community.

    The 12-Steps is about as effective as quitting without attendance in any formal recovery program.

    That's just for starters.

    If there were a State Religion in America, it would be the 12-Step fellowship. All across this nation people are forced to attend what, by any objective analysis, are religious activities--by the State. Sure, they have meetings that are less religious. But the vast majority are religious and engage in blatant religious prozelization. Some are borderline cults, if not all. But, to be fair, that's also highly disputed.

    Conflict of interest is prevalent among substance abuse social workers, whom attend AA/NA, and also refer clients to the program. These social workers are often extremely vested personally in advancing the disease concept as fact , or might be religiously bias. More often than not, these social workers do not disclose alternative forms of recover, or that they might have personal bias. In fact, some openly discourage attendance in any other groups. This seems to be especially the case in faith-based organizations.

    There are studies that indicate that inducing a person to believe themselves to be powerless can be very harmful. Woman that are the victims of domestic abuse often find the 12-steps unworkable for that very reason. Others find the religious tone off putting. While others just find that the program simply makes no sense. None the less, it's workable for some. So whatcha gonna do?
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