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    New data show Canadian investment in clean technology has cooled off over the past three years, despite myriad programs introduced by Ottawa to boost spending on green infrastructure and shift the country towards a lower carbon economy.

    Canadian private sector investment in clean technologies have fallen by half since 2014, dropping to a combined US$9.4 billion over the past three years, compared with US$19.5 billion between 2012-2014, according to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Investments rose to US$3.3 billion last year, compared to US$2.3 billion, but is less than half of the peak in 2014. Investments in the first two quarters of 2018 appear to be below the fourth-quarter running average, BNEF data shows. […]

    “Any time you have a ratcheting down of subsidies, in the immediate aftermath you see a total destruction of the market,”said Amy Grace, head of North American research at Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

    ‘Total destruction of the market’: Investments in clean tech cool off as subsidies end

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    Launched in New Mexico this week — one of the rising stars of the US wind energy sector, adding wind power capacity at a faster rate in 2017 than any other state — the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) published its U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report 2017 report which highlighted the role wind energy is playing in the country’s rapid expansion towards low-carbon electricity generation.

    According to this latest report, wind power generated 6.3% of US electricity in 2017. However, wind’s impact can be better seen in its role in states like Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, where it is generating over 30% of capacity. Looking further abroad, the report shows that more than 14 states are generating over 10% of electricity from wind. Overall, operating wind power capacity grew by 9% in 2017, with the installation of 7,017 megawatts (MW) worth of new capacity, bringing the country’s cumulative capacity up to 88,973 MW, or around 54,000 wind turbines operating in 41 states (as well as Guam and Puerto Rico).

    US Wind Energy Now Supplies More Than 30% In Four States | CleanTechnica

    Wind will continue it's explosive growth in the US. We have vast untapped resources available for this technology. When we get rid of the orange clown, it will go even faster.
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    "...and shift the country towards a lower carbon economy."

    And There You Have It

    Most Of Populated Canada
    Lies Along The NE Canadian And State's Border
    With Canada's Total Population Of About 37 Million
    And Their Green Can't Swing That Profitably

    At Least Canada Didn't Wait Until
    This Pie-In-The-Sky LSD Dream Of Green
    Started To Wreck Things
    Per Greece, Spain And Germany

    In Kansas
    A Judge Ordered The Dis-Mantling Of One Farm
    Because It Violated Hight Restrictions
    It Was Located In A Migratory Flyway
    And Was Butchering Birds And Bats

    One Of The Horn-Swaggles Of Wind Farms
    Is They Sell You On The Max Out-Put
    Of The Farms Generating At Full Capacity
    They Never Are In The USA, At Least
    Mostly At Less Than 8% At Any Given Time

    And They Still Only Generate DC Current
    With Resulting Voltage Drops From Farm To Station
    And There's Still No Way To Store The Electricity
    So It Has To Be Converted As It Trickles Into The Stations

    Tesla Defeated Edison For A Reason
    DC Generation Can't Power A Modern Industrial Society
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