"War In the Airs", by H.G. Wells

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    Excellent book.

    Adventure and Science Fiction.

    Wells wrote it in 1908....and inside there is battles in the airs, between zeppelins and kind of hunters...and of course naval battles.
    The german air fleet bombs the US naval fleet (written 33 years before Pearl harbor), and after destroy New York.
    France and UK bomb Berlin, Germany bombs Paris and London.
    the Japanese invent the kamikaes, and the laser ray....

    It is a real world War.

    And all these genial idea, in 1908 ! before the WWI, he invented the air force, the arian bombing on civilians and cities, the air hunters, the laser ray, thz kamikazes...

    Wells is a real great author.
    like Jules Vernes, he can invent things which become real several dozen of years after.

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