WaPo Having Second Thoughts About Obama Certitude

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    [The anal fornicators over in the Lib Press are starting to notice the chinks in the ObaMessiah's armor and are having second thoughts over whether November 6th is going to be the lock they've always presumed it would be. I dunno about you folks but I never noticed the cloud they thought they saw Obama arriving on in 2008, nor the throne surrounded by Angels either. It always looked to me more like smoke and mirrors, instead.]

    "Obama, Obama, he’s our man; if he can’t do it, no one can

    Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post frets that it may not be possible for any president to succeed in the modern world of politics. Did Cillizza raise this question when George W. Bush’s presidency encountered serious difficulty? I don’t recall him doing so.

    But then Bush wasn’t as gifted as Obama, in the estimation of Cillizza and pretty much the rest of the MSM. When a president deemed as intelligent, sophisticated, nuanced, and temperamentally sound as Obama runs into trouble, it’s natural for the MSM to ask whether anyone can handle the job.

    And did I mention gravitas? Because Obama possesses mucho gravitas, or so Cillizza assured us during the 2008 campaign, based on some mushy comments the candidate delivered in Jordan. At the time, I called this “wish fulfillment journalism.”

    If one leaves the world of wish fulfillment behind, it becomes obvious that a president can succeed in the modern world of politics. Indeed, a president who presides over a well-functioning economy will be hard-pressed not to succeed, if success is defined as remaining reasonably popular."

    Obama, Obama, he’s our man; if he can’t do it, no one can | Power Line

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