wall street protesters

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by infman4x, Nov 3, 2011.

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    your always going to have crooks in just about anything, why are the protesters crying? they werent cut in by the crooks,hey wall street protesters if you want to occupy something, occupy jobs! wouldnt that be novel, i sure couldnt hang out like you hippies, who pays your bills and groceries?
    you must all be liberals, looking for something for nothing, tax payers dont owe you squat and we dont want to be a mega hippie commune, because it stinks and people have to work to have a good civil society.
    you dont have the right to other peoples money, besides where did your freak contributions go, it wasnt divided up, was it, hypocrits!
    all you loafers are doing is wasting working class peoples tax money, creating disruption and trashing the communities, no one that is worth a spit believes in your free loading greed.

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