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    Call the numbers below, and firmly but civilly let them know what a travesty this is, we can all make a difference if we stand up for whats right

    I just called them, it took 2 minutes.. wont you do the right thing?

    Please forward this email


    The Lone Protester's jury trial...Tomorrow Wed Jan 23

    Terry Funderburk protesting contractor who hires illegal aliens

    If you live near Columbia, SC or know someone who does, please attend the jury trial tomorrow!

    The Lone Protester stood up and protested a contractor (who had hired him for previous roofing work) -LP bid on a copper roofing job - which this contractor gave to an illegal alien roofing crew.

    The police arrested the Lone Protester without reading him his rights.

    ICE never checked the residency status of the illegals on the roof working - they were free - but the Lone Protester was arrested for hollering "dirty bastard" and spent the night in jail.

    He asked for a jury trial. Instead, the court system, twice, has tried to make him plead guilty.

    He would not plead guilty and tomorrow, Wed, Jan 23rd, he is finally getting his trial....we hope!


    For those who cannot attend the trial, call the following:

    Above left Police Chief Reaves and at right Mayor Bob Coble
    Columbia Chief of Police Reaves–803-545-3510

    Columbia Mayor Bob Coble–803-545-3075

    Columbia Prosecutor’s office–803-737-4242 Fax-803-737-4250

    In his own words...
    Lone Protester- My Trial 01/20/08

    I woke up this morning with the same thought in my head that has been there since July 16th 2007. The day I got arrested. And the thought is what is the future going to bring? I do not have the slightest idea. The only thing I do know is that I am going to stand up for my rights because the justice system sure as hell isn’t. I am to be in court on Jan. 23rd at 811 Washington Street, Columbia, SC 29202 at 800 am. I asking everybody to be there to support me and if you can’t to please call the numbers below to give your opinion on my case. Today, 6 months after I got arrested for protesting being run out of business I am still on the verge of bankruptcy for the same reasons. Nothing has been done, nothing has changed. Except that I see fewer Americans in my industry than I did 6 months ago. And a lot fewer than was there one year ago. And I am asking for your assistance. Help me make a stand. Be there or call the following numbers to express your support. Mayor Coble- 803-545-3075, Prosecutor’s office 803-737-4242, Police Department 803-545-3500.

    Strangely enough I met a sheriff’s deputy yesterday from Columbia, SC and had a long talk with him about my case and illegal aliens in our justice system. He is in and out of the court rooms with his cases all the time and has even appeared before the judges I have been in front of in my numerous appearances before our flaunted criminal justice system. He said something that is very striking to me. He said that the usual process in cases dealing with illegal aliens is to try them for the crimes they are charged with, and then on the question of their legality the judge simply asks them if they have jobs and pay taxes and if they say yes then they are given a free pass. There is no question asked like are they paying those taxes with fake social security numbers or did they have fake ID’s or any other crimes that you or I would be slammed for.

    He asked me about my case and I explained things from my viewpoint. He was very surprised that I had been arrested and charged and put in jail. And even more surprised that I requested a jury trial. He suggested that I throw myself onto the mercy of the court, explain exactly why I called someone a bad word and hope for the best. But I am too hardheaded. I am in the right and the law is supposed to be on my side. At one time in this nation’s history the justice system would have come down hard on the criminals that are employing illegal aliens and running small companies like mine out of business. Trades and businesses that we have spent our lives at. It was tradesmen like us that built this country into what it is now and not people that sneak across our borders like a thieves in the night. It was businesses like mine that made the Liberty ships, the aircraft carriers, the World Trade Center, computers, Apollo rockets, the Hoover Dam and about a hundred million other things and not illegal aliens. America is what it is because of Americans and not illegal aliens.

    Just this past Saturday a news article came out with a quote from an illegal alien in the construction industry in Columbia. Read it here http://www.guardian.co.uk/uselection...242803,00.html. The reporters writing it do not have a clue in the subject they are discussing. Ignacio, whom they are interviewing says that the illegals do all the construction work but don’t get any appreciation from us. Ignacio says that he works hard, sunup to sundown, 6 days a week, makes only 400 dollars per week and nobody likes him. Well, boo freaking hoo my man, be grateful you got that, and be grateful that you are not an American in the construction industry these days. Like me for instance, this past week, instead of working sunup to sundown and daylight to dark I didn’t work one damn day, thanks to you! And I made a grand total of 300 dollars this week for work I did last week. No, this week I had to sit on my ass every day, and go out driving around and look for some jobs that you and your compadres haven’t stolen like the one where you make 400 dollars a week at. And the thing is I didn’t find any. Nowhere in that article by the way are there quotes from any South Carolina small businessmen. Only the people that everybody is supposed to feel sorry for. The people that aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. Nobody is interested in hearing the stories of tens of thousands of South Carolinians being displaced from their jobs and businesses. All the articles I read in my local newspapers are about the plight of criminal lawbreakers and their employers and not the ones like me.

    So Wednesday is the big day, the day I am to be tried for standing up for my rights as an American citizen and businessman, the day I might be going to jail for 60 days for calling someone a word that is in every dictionary. The day my business might finally go under. Come and see our criminal justice system at its finest in its prosecution of me. Everyone is welcome.

    Terry Funderburk/Lone Protester

    Here are three videos about Terry...I took the first one. It details his case a little and shooooooow the ridiculous claims that are made against him.
    I didnt know that the words "CHEAP BASTARD" were considered vulgar.

    Terry Funderburk aka The Lone Protester

    Terry Funderburk aka The Lone Protester. Who was arrested in Columbia South Carolina for simply calling a home builder who hires illegal aliens a cheap Bastard...terry Freedom Fighter Radio showcases this video of Terry Funderburk aka The Lone Protester. Who was arrested in Columbia South Carolina for simply calling a home builder who hires illegal aliens a cheap Bastard (more) (less)

    Blogs4Borders Video Blogburst --073107

    out of his profession, and in jail from illegal immigration. 100% Preventable!...illegal immigration invasion terry funderburk south carolina murder mexico charlie derrington
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    Unfortunately the courts have long held you have no right to a jury trial if the maximum sentence for the crime is 6 months or less. Personally, I think its ridiculous.
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