Use U.S. Military On Southrn Brder To Stop Ilegal Imigraton!

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    Illegal immigration through the southern border is still a problem, last night Texas Governor Perry was on one of the cable news channels warning about this danger. The record does not bare out the harsh criticism the White House receives on this matter. Today, the federal government has twenty-thousand immigration enforcement personnel, the highest number ever, twice the number that existed in 2000. The administration does make a good effort to inspect businesses records to insure employers are checking the immigration status of their workers, in fact to underscore the administration's commitment in this area one need only examine the outcry from local officials across the nation who provide the federal government access to their identification computer records of people they arrest only to have the Feds deport and try to deport people not lawfully in America in this system who have only been arrested or otherwise put in this system as witnesses or victims and not limit its immigration action to people convicted of serious crimes which has had the effect of weakening crime fighting in some of these illegal immigrant communities. This whole subject raises the question what if anything can the Federal Government do to secure the southern border from illegal immigration, the public record contains the unassailable sage analysis of countless commentators who have proclaimed that as long as America offers a job to illegals where they can make dramatically more money working in the U.S. than in their home country America is going to have an illegal immigration problem and America is never going to solve this workplace enforcement problem with close to ten million illegals working in America it needs to find a path of legalization for the vast majority of these illegals so as to make the illegal working problem solvable. Members of Congress and the President should not even open these subjects for the time being because consensus here seems to be without a doubt unreachable. However, from a border security standpoint on the southern border it sure seems like the Federal government could do a better job if they were to just work smarter with its resources. Specifically, why doesn't the Federal government deploy military troops on the border.

    It is a given that if there is more individual security guards on the border it will reduce the number of people illegally passing over the nations borders because there will be more guards there to see and apprehend the illegals. The more relevant question is how can America get more security guards on the border in a manner that is affordable. This challenge intersects with another challenge which America has which is how to squeeze the Pentagon budget to create savings. The answer is what a growing chorus of public commentators have been saying for years bring America's troops home from Germany, close up these European bases, and redeploy these troops on the southern border; this would probably result in the putting of another twenty to thirty thousand security personnel on the border a number that would make a material difference. These troops in Europe were put there on a mission to fight the Cold War to protect Europe against aggression from the Soviet Union, that war is over the compelling need for these troops presence in Europe is nonexistent it is zero. The most fundamental mission for a country's and that is any country's military is to protect its borders, look at the world's largest newest democratic countries Iraq and Afghanistan one of the biggest challenges for these countries and their allies is to build up these nations' security forces so they can protect their respective nations' borders. It is absolutely foolish and nonsensical for America not to use its army to secure its borders and since America is no longer the economic superpower it once was it can no longer afford this inefficiency it has indulged itself. If anyone did a polling it most certainly would reveal that the majority of Americans believe the U.S. military should have as part of its job to secure the United States borders it sure would be nice if the President and the Congress allowed and facilitated the U.S. military doing this will of the American people!

    There is many compelling reasons for the Federal government to do a better job in securing the border and dramatically reducing illegal immigration. This would create and provide more and better paying jobs for Americans which illegals are currently taking. It would reduce pressure and burdens on local and state governments budgets whether it be on criminal justice system matters or school expenses or hospital and public health care expenses matters! It would reduce the threat to America of terrorist attacks on America's soil taking American lives which is imminent per the intelligence experts. But there is another reason and this is going to sound prejudiced and discriminatory but it isn't it is a fair analysis! All this illegal immigration over the past twenty-five years has resulted in the vast majority of illegal immigrants coming into America being of Hispanic descent, this influx of Hispanic immigration has significantly hurt America. Many of these Hispanics don't speak English or speak it well this weakens America it weakens America socially and economically when significant numbers of America can't communicate with one another. Moreover, this influx of Hispanics is undermining America's strength as a cultural melting pot; America isn't seeing developments like it has in the past with immigration causing the growth of just ethnic neighborhoods here and there with respect to Hispanics America is seeing the generation of whole Hispanic communities especially in southern regions of America. America is beginning to transform into an Hispanic country; if this illegal immigration problem continues what the hell is America going to look like demographically in one hundred years. America's strength is its ethnic and religious diversity, America has a cultural identity in an of itself which it will lose if America just becomes an Hispanic country. One facet of the greatness of this American cultural identity is that Americans think for themselves and especially when it comes to performance of their government they expect the government to do what the merits of the issues call for they don't have a high level of tolerance for government ineptness and incompetence. If America were to see the overwhelming flooding of any ethnic group into America amongst members of that ethnic group American would see the lack of American cultural assimilation in that group. America desperately needs this "expectation of excellence" quality that is its cultural heritage to rise up dramatically at this time in its history it sure seems that America has lost this quality compared with the 1950's and 1960's; there is no way that America's Congresses of this era would be so ideology driven and merit ignorant as the American Congress of today. The Congresses of this era would be passing merit based solutions to America's problems; to the problem of unaffordable costs of Medicare they would be passing price controls on pharmaceuticals and medical equipment that most developed countries have, to the problem of unaffordable health insurance they would empower Americans to buy health insurance across state lines at the most affordable deal they could get, to oil commodity market problems which spike oil prices wrecking consumer and business confidence causing alarming harm to the economy they would price control the sale price of domestically produced crude oil, to the loss of middle class manufacturing jobs in America problem they would do exactly what the Chinese and other Asian governments do in moving manufacturing jobs to their countries but use these means to move the jobs back to America. If the American government doesn't wake up and start being effective there won't be any American culture left!

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