USA Civil Service Is Different Fron Kenyan Civil Service

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    In the year 2000 alone, the anti-big-government, IMF(?), had cut back on funding and so 23,000 and more of Kenyan Civil Service was laid off.

    Many would wonder just how lay-offs , including of 13 year olds, and 14 year olds--who had passed some nature of central testing--could at all affect a national economy? The Tea Party seems to have this on the agenda. That is how it suddenly matters! There are actually a half million civil servants in Kenya. Some are even known to shoot their own servants!

    U. S. Federal Civil Service--which does not include the army or the postal service, aka, boots on the ground--is about 2.0 mil, people: Largely employed in Washington, D. C. State and Local Civil Service, which includes the public school teachers, and public university teachers: Is about 19.5 mil. persons.

    20% of the workforce would make anyone suggest that taxes are big business in America! Blotches on paper are what any civilization: Likes to take pride in. 97% of Kenyan Civil Service is happily employed. Other people go to the UN relief stations, who are not counted in the Kenyan Civil Service, but are possibly counted in the Orphan-Hunting-Relief-Worker population.

    Possbily anyone needs to compare and contrast: Apparently what the Republicans are against, which is what USA already has--as opposed to what the Republicans are for, which is what Kenya already now has.

    Anyone knows that even in America, we are at that new level of sophistication: To actually have more oil than we know what to do with!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Hmmmm! Great Half-Wit father even send more government employess to clean-up Gulf Spill--Clearly an outrage to GOP, Tea Party cadres, and Great Oil Clean-Up, Entrepreneurial Spirit. Now for Great Entrepreneurial Spirt: "Hey! Where Are Ya! Are Ya! Are Ya! Hey! Where Are Ya! Are Ya! Are Ya! GOP think that it worked better(?)!)
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