US hegemony will get away with torture?

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    US barbarously savage methods of handling problems and protecting their interests are widely known. Human Rights Watch published a report that describes American crusade in the Middle East and terrorism fighting with all ensuing consequences - hrw. org/sites/default/files/reports/us0711webwcover. pdf
    Former US President George W. Bush confessed in his book Decision Points that he permitted to use enhanced interrogation techniques - that's how torturing was called in his administration, see p. 170. Now there are no doubts that Bush and his administration committed war crimes and now it's very important that they will be investigated and the guilty party will be charged the report says.
    They gave us all a lot of troubles to be solved - everlasting wars and economical problems. Moreover I think that US war against terrorism transformed it to something much more dangerous and it will be hard to deal with it. Previously terrorism was something big, but now we'll face loners which are hard to be identified and caught, and we have to thank Bush and his followers.
    But I'm very sad because people like Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld and other key persons can get away with their crimes as well as Obama's Administration runs away from the facts that confirm these war crimes. There are no clean and delay of the investigation always has dangerous end and it seems that today everyone in the White House is pleased with such state of affairs...

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